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In the Life of Tim Phelps
Saturday, 10 January 2004
In With The Old Hours
It looks as though I am back working mostly nights again (no earlier than 3 p.m.). Might as well. I never was really used to getting up to work at 5 in the morning (I am not a morning person) and the occasional overnights were killers for me.

Posted by tphelps at 3:43 PM PST
Thursday, 1 January 2004
Happy New Year!
I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2004!

Posted by tphelps at 10:08 AM PST
Monday, 22 December 2003
A very moderate earthquake hit about 200 miles north of here. All I felt was a rolling motion, though, and no damage -- just rattled nerves, dishes and the like.

Posted by tphelps at 2:01 PM PST
Friday, 19 December 2003
Holiday Shopping
I am done with my Christmas shopping. I hope the items I ordered online are delivered in time (fingers crossed).

Posted by tphelps at 12:29 AM PST
Happy Holidays
I want to whsh Happy Holidays to all of my relatives and friends.

Posted by tphelps at 12:21 AM PST
Thursday, 11 December 2003
USC out of BCS Championship game
I knew USC wouldn't be in the championship. I don't think they have that good of a team. :)

Posted by tphelps at 9:44 PM PST
Friday, 28 November 2003
Thanksgiving dinner and about this page
This page is only seen by people that I know. By the way, at the end of each blog, there is a comment submission link. Use that link if you want to say anything. You can leave your name or be anonymous.

Well, I had my Thanksgiving dinner at the Odyssey. It is a building that holds banquets and stuff (there is a better description, which I can't think of right now). On this Thanksgiving night they had a buffett. It had all sorts of food, including stuff from the traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Next week might be a slow week for blogs.

Posted by tphelps at 12:08 AM PST
Friday, 21 November 2003
College Football Weekend and Thanksgiving Plans
There are some good college football matchups on Saturday (such as Ohio St. versus Michiagn). Too bad I will have to work all day.

We have made our Thanksgiving plans. The Oddyssey in Granada Hills will be the place for our Thanksgiving dinner.

I will probably submit one more entry before Thanksgiving.

Posted by tphelps at 7:59 PM PST
Wednesday, 19 November 2003
Computers and such
My computer is working without any problems but it is getting old. Aside from the fact that it will turn 5 in June, it's getting a little outdated -- with 64MB ram, 450 MhZ processor and an 8 GB hard drive. The CD-Rom drive has already been replaced but I expect the hard drive and the monitor to go out within a year. It still runs some of today's applications but it's not compatible to today's games and some graphics-intensed programs. I might get a eMachine or a Dell to replace it. When? I have not decided.

I am thinking of getting a digital camera, leaning toward a Cannon PowerShot A70. I would also probably need a printer that can print photos since my 5-year old inkjet, I think, cannot print clear pictures.

By the way, be sure to bookmark this page. I may not post an entry every day. Some days may go by without a single post. Heh. My life is not that exciting. :)

Posted by tphelps at 10:06 PM PST
Tuesday, 18 November 2003
Something new
OK, I have decided to start making blogs (web entries). This is my first one.

What to say. What to do. What to, um.

Anyway, I am working days now at my retail job, a change from the early mornings/overnight shifts for the past 9 months. It could be a temporary change for the next two months.

The grocery strike is still going on, and people are buying items a the store (canned goods, milk and so forth).

As you may know Gov. Arnie (I can't spell his last name -- sorry) was sorn in and signed a bill to repeal the high automobile tax. Just thought of something. Arnie is the second governor we had within the past 20 years whose last name is hard to spell; Dukemajean (sp?) was the other.

We haven't had too much rain, although storms seem to bypass us and wet nearby areas such as Simi Valley and Downtown L.A. By the way, we were unscathed by the fires, since we live in the center of the valley and the fires occurred in the bordering hills of the valley. But the smoke was very evident in the air, though.

More to continue on a later date.

Posted by tphelps at 9:00 PM PST

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