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E-mails of Tim phelps
Sunday, 10 August 2008
Falcon shoots back
o' the insults just keep on coming
more corrections follow...
1. Tofu originated in China it didn't arrive into Japan untill the 8th century and it is not fake cheese it is a 'highly nutritious and low in fat and sugar and made form soy beans.' fresh tofu can be eaten as is cold or hot in soups and other dishes or cotton tofu (firmer tofu)are sutable for more main dishes such as tofu steak (not sure how good that would be though) and my personal favorite thai spicy peanut sauce.
2. As a well-educated, highly trained fisheries and wildlife resource manager you would also try to that bigfoot doesn't exist and that tigers aren't living in North Carolina well they do and there are (Monster Quest on the History Channel)....I live in this chiotic environment known as the north country and until you witness a grizzly take down a deer in the mountains right in front of your eyes, which I have ( on youtube) come up here and all I will have to say is in (in the words of the great G&R) 'welcome to the jungle'  
3. ok
4. Umm didn't we all get our _ss kicked last year? and that was at 157 I am NOT messing with those big guys again I am going to mess with guys more my size, and no he did not graduate he got hurt
5. No self respecting man would even respond to such accusations, and on a side note I will be on the Maury Povich show August 13 the title of the show is 'I ain't your babies daddy!' I hope you all can tune in....

Posted by tphelps at 9:37 AM EDT

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